Medford Campus

Our Medford campus encompasses more than four blocks near downtown Medford. Facilities here include 2 indoor gyms, event stage, screen printing shop, industrial kitchen, soccer field, classrooms, literary center, garden area and outdoor playground.

Kimmel Resource Center

Our literary center is more than a library. We help adults, as well as children, learn to read and understand English as a second language.

Screen Printing Shop

Kids Unlimited has a professional garment screen printing shop on campus. Besides printing our own uniforms and swag, we provide professional printing services to the public, and the profits go back into the KU program. We have a work program that hires KUA graduates currently in high school to work for a salary and gain hands-on experience in the shop learning a valuable trade. We have:

Freedom Workhorse 6 color, 8 station automatic press
ROQ 6 color, 4 station press
ROQ 4 color, 4 station press
HotROQ large forced air dryer
2 flash units
Wiflex Pantone ink matching system
ROQ vacuum exposure unit
20 screen drying rack
Dark Room
Large format film printer
Poly bag machines
Tagging machines
10 color embroidery machine

Soccer Field

Just outside our new middle school building is our professional-grade soccer field. The field has seen events like soccer tournaments, football clinics, PE classes and many more. Covered in padded artificial turf.

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

Kids Unlimited’s earliest endeavors to raise funds for our programs were through community concerts, and the tradition continues today with our state-of-the-art Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.