Get involved!

Parent involvement is key to the success of our school and our students. There are many opportunities throughout the year that you can make a difference. Parents are one of our most important stakeholders. Together we build bridges of understanding and trust so that when challenges arise, our children will know that we all worked together to come up with a solution. KUA was built on the trust between our community, our donors, our staff and our families. Together we make great things happen.

Site Council – KUA families are invited to attend Site Council meetings, held monthly excepting December. Dinner is provided by our Food Program, and each time they attend a meeting, families fulfill one volunteer hour of their required six KUA hours for the year.

A school can only call itself successful when leaders, families and stakeholders all sit at the same table. At KUA Site Council, parents can share their concerns, listen to what is happening behind the scenes and, with everyone’s input, help us all keep on the same page. At our Site Council Meetings, we show respect but we also aren’t afraid to show our hearts.

Recent Site Council Meeting Notes

Volunteer – KUA loves volunteers! Individuals who would like to volunteer for field trips and in the classroom need to fill out an application online with the Medford School District. This process needs to be completed each year.

Support Fundraising – Different fundraising activities take place during the school year including collecting Box Tops, the annual Jog-A-Thon, Bottle Drop and more. Additionally, KU is always looking for volunteers to find resources and gifts for the annual gala and auction. Learn more about fundraising programs.

KUA Morning Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program at KUA is designed to provide children with opportunities to explore a wide variety of interests. We strive to offer classes consistent with our mission of empowerment through opportunity. Students learn specific skills in a supportive, structured and fun environment with instructors who are passionate about teaching.

Students attending KUA Morning Enrichment can participate in a variety of activities including visual art, dance, performing arts, music, fiber art, sports and culinary arts. Enrichment offerings are not tied to academic standards.

KU enrichment staff are fully trained in their area of expertise and receive safety/childcare training throughout the year.

Cost: Monthly fee of $200, plus a yearly $20 registration fee. Scholarships are available.


The Medford School District provides transportation for students attending approved schools in the district when the bus routes are approved annually. Students attending Kids Unlimited Academy Public Charter School who live along a regularly established, district approved bus route may ride the bus to school. However, the district will not create additional bus routes to accommodate the needs of students attending the school as students may come from anywhere in and outside of the school district. Primarily, it will be the parent(s)’ responsibility to ensure that their student is transported to and from school. If Kids Unlimited Academy Public Charter School students ride First Student Bus Company school buses, the Oregon Administrative rules and Medford School District rules are posted in each bus. It is the responsibility of each student, and guardians of students riding the bus to know these rules and regulations. Riding the bus is an extension of the students’ daily school experience. Behavior that is appropriate in the classroom is also expected on the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege that is provided to our students by the Medford School District. Students who do not obey these rules and regulations may be refused the privilege to ride said transportation.

If a student needs to ride a bus but normally does not do so, a note from a parent must be presented to school office before school, so the school can obtain permission from First Student Bus Co. and to issue the appropriate pass. If a student is going to another student’s house, permission notes from both families are required before the school office can issue the bus pass. If you have any questions about bus regulations, please call First Student Bus company at 541-772-1114.

Talented and Gifted Student Information

Medford District 549C schools are in the process of identifying students who are academically talented and/or intellectually gifted. Students may be nominated for the Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) by the following: national or state test scores (97th percentile or above), teachers, parents, community members or by self-nomination. After nominations are complete, information will be gathered and a screening committee will screen each student. Students will be contacted if additional testing is needed. If you wish to obtain information on this program or you have any questions, please contact the Medford school district TAG coordinator, Hunter Emery, at