Kindergarten — the name says it all. A “children’s garden” is the ideal environment for growth.

Kids Unlimited Academy students are growing academically, emotionally and socially as our Medford campus is poised to add  classroom cohorts in every grade for 2024-25. KUA is inviting more local kids in grades K-5 to grow along with us. Enrollment is open now, and spaces are limited!

KUA free public charter school is designed for working families, who benefit from our longer school days that include afterschool programs and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared from scratch daily in our award-winning food program. KUA welcomes students on the Medford campus, 821 N. Riverside Ave., beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.

We are a year-round school, with the upcoming academic calendar’s start date set for Aug. 7, 2024. Broadly supported by parents, year-round school helps to close the achievement gap because students retain what they’ve learned, rather than experience the traditional “summer slide.”

Our small school environment — warm and welcoming — nurtures strong, supportive relationships between staff and students. Culturally competent programming and bilingual faculty allow us to personalize instruction to students’ needs and provide additional assistance when appropriate. KUA strives to have at least one bilingual staff member in each kindergarten classroom.

All KUA classes, including kindergarten, use the most up-to-date, research-based curriculum centered around the “science of reading.” New data indicated that proficiency in kindergarten reading levels at Kids Unlimited Academy more than doubled between fall and winter trimesters. Achieving almost an entire year of projected reading growth halfway through the school year, KUA’s kindergarten classes performed better than any other grade at KUA midway through the second trimester.

Providing rigorous instruction in literacy and mathematics, KUA’s kindergarten classes also incorporate developmentally appropriate, play-based learning. All KUA students, including kinder, have electives and enrichments in music, art, PE and gardening.

Equipped with modern technology and security systems, KUA’s state-of-the-art Medford campus boasts outdoor playing fields, a garden, culinary and science labs, a dance studio, dedicated performing arts center and in-depth visual arts program with on-site ceramics kiln. Students learn television broadcasting and music production in KUA’s media studio, and graphic arts in our on-site print shop.

KUA’s Kinder Launch April 25 provides time for families to tour the Medford campus, see classrooms and feel more ready for the start of kindergarten. Families can meet next year’s kinder teachers, and students start building familiarity, identity and “comfort” with the school, their future teachers and peers.

Pre-registration for grades K-5 is open for 2024-25! Kindergarten school age requires student birthdates before Sept. 1, 2019.

Submit your child’s application today. Spaces are limited and first-come, first-served. Go to

And please attend our online orientation April 18 and kindergarten launch in person on the Medford campus April 25.