The final Royals Awards Assemblies of the 2023-24 school year recognized students’ academics, respect, integrity and responsibility. Individual classrooms garnered Golden Awards in the areas of art, music, behavior, physical education, classroom cleanliness and cafeteria expectations.

Several students in grades K-4 also were recognized as “peacekeepers” for the spring trimester. Middle schoolers will receive year-end awards at graduation June 14.

Awards are as follows:


Academic: Mason Lee, Alison Gomez and Ismael Alvarez Barrera

Respect: Leonardo Coss Flores, Armani Zamora and Jubile Rutledge

Integrity: Amani Reyes, Nico Reyes and Ulices Callejas Diaz

Responsibility: Bronson Caballero, Meadow Rutledge and Kailey Eszlinger

First grade 

Academic: Ryder Davis, Logan Cubillos and Greyson Adachi

Respect: Thiago Castillo Hernandez, Isaac Lambert and Andrei Flores

Integrity: Elaina Minnis, Aaliyah Alegria and Carol Villa Cortez

Responsibility: Daniel Zepeda, Joseph Compher and Marley Flores Espana

Second grade

Academic: Maci Raynor, Axel Gallegos Flores and Conrad Caballero

Respect: Emmanuel Munoz, Mario Telles-Cortes and Kendall Harris

Integrity: Gianni Flores, Airin Morales-Mendez and Teagan Crosby

Responsibility: Elyannah Casillas, Aria DeMarco and Hector Gonzalez

Third grade

Academic: Charlie Bolden, Jose Bastidas and Tobias Ramirez

Respect: Jayla Trinidad, Samantha Townsend and Sergio Garcia

Integrity: Daphne Cortes, Gianna Newman, Eunice Gonzalez and Blue Sky McQuade

Responsibility: Marina Sanchez, Analicia Torres and Vanessa Cortes

Fourth grade

Academic: Genesis Rocha, Malachi Clemmons and Dylan Villa

Respect: Sebastian Hayes, Anan Otgonbold and David Zeyla

Integrity: McKiah Carter-Davis, Jessica Gonzalez and Kinkade Taylor

Responsibility: Gael Paz, Keelyn Miller and Kaylee Reynos

Fifth grade

Academic: Santiago Flores and Rayne Utegg

Respect: Jaylah Ibarra and Marco Arreola

Integrity: Jayden Green and Eva Sanders

Responsibility: Yaretzi Hernandez and Alex Mendoza

Golden awards

Golden Palette: Mrs. Gonzalez’s and Ms. Vanderlip’s classes

Golden Mic: Ms. Shields’ and Ms. Katie’s classes

Golden Frisbee: Ms. Podesta’s, Mrs. Lance’s and Ms. Katie’s classes

Golden Carrot: Ms. Podesta’s and Ms. Flora’s classes

Golden Standard Bearer: Ms. Dallon’s, Mrs. Lance’s and Ms. Brunson’s classes

Peacekeepers: Kindergartener Itzayana Garduno, second grader Juliana López, fourth grader Ava Harris