The finish line for our school’s annual jog-a-thon came with a big payoff for Kids Unlimited Academy.

When pledges and funds were tallied this week, the total came to $8,072.25, earmarked for school field trips, events, such as Monday’s Harvest Festival, and other activities. Thank you to all our donors and supporters!

Ms. Enciso’s second-grade class raised the most money: $1,487. They were awarded a free dress day.

Also from Ms. Enciso’s class, Ellis Brown raised the most money — $1,076 — among KUA students to earn the title of “principal for the day.” The second highest total came from Xander Estrada, in Ms. Podesta’s first-grade classes, who raised $725 and also will get to be “principal for the day.” Both Ellis and Xander received movie baskets. Also receiving a movie basket and a medal was pre-K student Emilia De La Cruz, who raised $180.

These KUA students ran the most laps to earn a free dress a week punch card:

Brayden Petersen, seventh grade — 31 laps; Arjen Cuybillos, fourth grade — 28 laps; Eliseo Gomez, fourth grade — 28 laps.

The two students in each grade level who ran the most laps are:

Kindergarten: Ezra Hernandez and Luna Wozaniak with 12 laps each;

First grade: Logan Cubillos with 19 laps and Nahomi Cortes Hernadez with 17 laps;

Second grade: Jackie Melchor with 20 laps and Mayah Olmedo with 15 laps;

Third grade: Marina Sanchez and Salvador Reynoso-Mende with 16 laps each;

Fourth grade: Arjen Cubillos and Eliseo Gomez-Gonzales with 28 laps each;

Fifth grade: Mason Lozano with 26 laps and Kendra Parra with 25 laps;

Sixth grade: Christopher Aguliar with 24 laps and Fernado and Rafael Munoz with 23 laps each;

Seventh grade: Brayden Peterson with 31 laps and Iris Gomez with 28 laps;

Eighth grade: Emma Hernadez and Noe Fletes with 22 laps each.

In addition to students’ outstanding efforts, Principal Lindsay Ochs acknowledged the hard work of organizer Andrea Gee, T-shirt designer Kevin Williams, Chef Nate for providing sack lunches, DJ Gemineye for tunes that kept all the runners going and countless volunteers and staff who assisted at the Sept. 22 event.