Local business partners help Kids Unlimited Academy do more for our students.

Cascade Glacier is the latest to pledge its support for KUA and assist our efforts. Its donation of 30 gallons of ice cream recently treated students on KUA’s Medford campus to a 100-foot-long banana split, a decades-old tradition that marks National Banana Split Day and kicks off the school year.

“Our ice cream serves as a delightful treat that enhances special occasions and rewards children’s achievements, reinforcing their sense of accomplishment and creating memorable experiences,” said Mike Dodd, regional sales manager for Cascade Glacier. “Through this partnership, we aim to bring joy and sweetness to the lives of the students and their families while also supporting the growth and development of (KU) Academy.”

Ice cream, bananas, sauces and toppings all combined in 10-foot-long rain gutter-type troughs — assembled end to end — to compose a 100-foot-long sundae. Ingredients vary each year, but this year’s recipe included vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams, bananas, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, gummy bears and Trolli worms, said KU Food Program Manager Tiani Bradford.

Anyone at KUA, including staff, was invited Sept. 1 to claim a serving of banana split. KUA’s satellite campus in White City had its own banana split event for kindergartners, first and second graders, along with pre-K students.

“By collaborating with this esteemed educational institution, we can contribute to their mission of providing quality education and support to young minds,” said Dodd.

Also contributing to our mission as we welcomed students back to school, Banner Bank donated $3,000 toward backpacks and school supplies. The financial institution’s generosity provided more than 200 backpacks, distributed at KUA’s open house in August. The funds stuffed backpacks for middle schoolers with school supplies and also purchased much-needed items for KUA classrooms.

“Most of my kids didn’t bring in supplies, so I had already purchased some and had a list going because I was going to buy them more this weekend,” said KUA fifth grade teacher Katie Erickson.THANK YOU AGAIN! There is nothing worse than kids not having supplies like the other kids and then feeling left out, so I never let that happen. I appreciate KUA for doing this for the kids!!”

If your business or co-workers would like to partner with KUA or Kids Unlimited, please email marketing@kuaoregon.org. Or click on the link to KU’s donation form.